Monday, June 1, 2015

Adios, A.!

I feel like all of my posts lately have been about kids coming and going. I don't think we've ever had so much change in children since I've been here like we have lately! This family reinsertion has been a long-time coming (it seems! We've really only had A. two months). When A. was brought to us back in March, we were told that the Defensoría (who brought her) did not agree with her needing to be taken from her mother and that they were going to work hard to have her quickly placed back with family. It's dragged on a bit but we found out this weekend that she would be leaving this afternoon. She asks every day when she'll get to see her mom again and was THRILLED when she realized that the reason I'd pulled her clothes out last night was because she was going home! She went around the dining room telling all of the kids goodbye and giving big hugs and kisses to the tías. She promised us that she is going to behave (no screaming "cochina!" at her mother when angry!) and help take care of her little brother like she helps us take care of the babies. She is super sassy and tons of fun to have around so we'll really miss her! Everyone was sad to see her go!

A. with her favorite "Señora!" This lady works at the Defensoría and has brought many of our kids to us. She brought A. to us too and has been back several times since then to see her.  

 Saying goodbye!

Poor S. was so sad when he realized it was A. who was going back home and not him. He did want a picture with her but then refused to smile. When it was time for her to go, he walked out to the street with her so he could watch her leave. 

Best buddies saying goodbye to the leader of their pack!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

So happy to see that A. was able to go home! I will miss her a lot. I know she was naughty, but was always a sweetheart when I was around. We had fun reading together last week. It will be a happy memory for me with her! Can't wait until it is our turn to bring our kids home...