Saturday, June 6, 2015

Horita Feliz

Every Saturday afternoon, the oldest kids from the Baby Home and I go to Horita Feliz (Happy Hour). The kids LOVE it and look forward to it every week. The tías try to use it as punishment ("Hannah won't take you to Horita Feliz if you keep acting like that!") on Saturday morning and the kids freak out if they think they might have to stay home. As I will be traveling home to the States this coming week, today's Horita Feliz was our last until I get back. Carla Booher leads the women's class and we have been reading in the Bible about Noah. She asked me to come up with a craft for this week (she knows I love them!), so we made our own Noah's Arks. As a treat, I also made rainbow cupcakes to remind us of God's promise made to Noah (to not destroy the Earth again like he did with the flood). It was a fun "last" Horita Feliz!

Dressed and ready to go! It's always hot when we leave the house, but cold outside by the time Horita Feliz is ending… I've forgotten to bring jackets for the kids for the last several weeks but remembered today… And wouldn't you know that it didn't get that cold!

Noah's Ark craft

All of the women (nearly all of them have children who are in their own classes at Horita Feliz) making their crafts

Rainbow cupcakes (before frosting them)

Tía Sarin and I

 A. got to come to Horita Feliz today and made friends with Yessica

 Olivia and I
 Women's Group

Nearly all of the following pictures were taken by 7 year old Belinda…!
Tía Sarin with R. and S.

 Brother and Sister!

Emily serving snacks


 She kept saying "Beli, saca mi foto… foto para el face!" ("Belinda, take my picture… a picture for Facebook!")

 He loves snacktime after Horita Feliz!

Although you can't tell from the picture, he really wasn't so happy about having to eat that banana… He wanted his chocolate milk!

 She did so well this afternoon!

 We finished off our snacks at home and had a few babies join us!

1 comment:

Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Thanks for putting all that stuff together for us Saturday!
It was a real success. You are going to be greatly missed.
We will take the kids to Horita Feliz while you are gone,
but it won't be the same without you... hurry back!