Monday, November 2, 2015

Life Skills- Cake Baking!

Something that we've especially noticed lately is that we need to make life skills a larger focus for some of our older children. Unfortunately, some of them will never excel academically and likely won't go to university, so we need to equip them with a skill for the real world. 

Now that our older girls live with the babies, they're learning how to care for them... feeding them, putting them to bed, changing diapers, etc. As expected, they LOVED it the first couple weeks. Now they're realizing how tiring caring for babies can be. Personally, I worried we were glamorizing life with the babies too much and they were seeing it as almost too fun, but now the reality is setting in and they don't always want to help with the babies. As hard as it can be for them, I know they're learning some great skills for the future... And several of them would make GREAT tías one day!

Another thing we're focusing on with some of them is money/learning how to pay. It's as simple as letting them pay when we get off trufis or paying for our groceries. They think it's exciting and don't realize they're also learning!

Today I decided to try something different and let them help me bake a cake! Over the summer, the girls rotated daily who had to help Tía Benita in the kitchen. We thought it was a great idea as they'll all need to learn how to cook. Since being back in school, they haven't been in the kitchen much. Tomorrow is Tía Silvia's birthday so rather than make the cake at my house, I enlisted their help in baking it. We had to buy a couple ingredients at the store, then we practiced measuring the ingredients, following the recipe and cleaning up after. They did a wonderful job and were so proud of themselves!

Tía Silvia is our cook/housekeeper and MUCH prefers cleaning to cooking. I don't know that anyone cleans as well and as thoroughly as she does. While at the store, A.M. kept finding great gift ideas for us to buy her (we were buying cake ingredients, not a gift). Every gift was some sort of cleaning supply. She begged and begged for us to buy this bottle of laundry detergent as soon as she saw it because Tía Silvia "LOVES this!"

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