Sunday, November 15, 2015

Weekend Pictures!

The weekend isn't over yet, but it's been so busy! We've had a lot of fun with the kids, but are looking forward to a hopefully restful rest of the afternoon today. Tomorrow is Shyrlen's 10th birthday so I'll have to make her cake later... Come back tomorrow to see a post on that!

This is what we've been up to so far...

 B. has been begging to spend the night at our house since his birthday last month. He was having some minor behavior issues at the time so wasn't allowed to come. This Friday it was finally his turn! Sarah didn't have any pjs in his size, so he got to wear Jhosi's Halloween costume/furry bear pjs... He loved them!

If you read my blog from last weekend, you might remember me mentioning having made cookies for a fundraiser lunch at church. Did you ever wonder why I never blogged about that lunch?! That would be because when we arrived at church on Sunday, we were told that the lunch was actually next (this) week... Whoops! I'll blame it on the fact that we average 10 kids a week at church with us and sometimes you just can't pay attention to it all! We've laughed about it several times since and made more cookies this weekend... For the REAL fundraiser lunch!

 Still feeding the sheep from bottles... The sheep are doing great, but we're down another chick. Saturday night when the kids had to put them in their cage, we couldn't find one. We still aren't sure what happened to it. 

 Last night was Tía Rosi's last night working at the hogar so the girls wanted to have a pijamada (sleepover). We brought their mattresses out into the living room and they got to stay up late watching movies. They loved it!

Yesterday afternoon, the babies were all invited to a birthday party and came home with far too many sweets. Rather than take them away, the tías gave them to the older girls, and R. (4 years old) ate and ate and ate. Then, before she went to bed, she ate some more. She woke up this morning covered in vomit. It was horrible! Bathing her was the first thing on my to-do list this morning...

As part of the changes at CDA, some of the longest working tías are being let go. While I never lived with Tía Sarin (right), I did live with Tía Lucy (next to me) and Tía Rosi (center). All three are leaving in the next three days. Not only are they great tías and basically mothers to the kids, but also they have been so incredibly good to me in the 2.5 years I've been here and have become wonderful friends. The kids and I are so sad to see them go.

 Baby M. with two of his three mothers!

 Toddlers ready for church!

 7/13 for church today

 Every week, two people are called to go up to the front to sing with the kids during their children's time. Sarah and I have somehow never been called before, but when they needed a second person today, Pastor Fernando decided I should be the one! All the kids went up with me, and we sang together!

 Working for her lunch

Waiting on their chicken!

L. and his big sister shared a plate and ate so well!

We have to fight with R. at every single meal to eat at the hogar. Not today though! She did such a great job eating and also eating by herself!

C. loving his food too!

 A. and D. before they really started bothering each other... She kept stealing bits of food off his plate!

Bolivians lick their chicken bones clean, and our kids are no exception!

Everyone at church loves when J. comes! She really does like to come too, but it can be difficult to bring her. We had lots of help today so she joined us!

S. lucked out and got to sit at the big kids' table! 

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