Monday, November 16, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, S.!

Today S. officially turns double digits! She's been waiting for her birthday for quite awhile, and it was finally her turn! Of course she had grand plans... a two-story cake, chicken for lunch ("But if Tío David doesn't want to buy chicken, I'll take fish too!"), and a trip to Globos for ice cream with Tía Danyelle were the highlights. I'd planned on us making her cake yesterday afternoon when we returned from church but we were missing some ingredients at the hogar and after our church lunch, I was ready to go home... So I made it at my house and brought the frosting (it went bad before we'd even finished making it) and let her decorate it. 

She did get her chicken lunch and tomorrow will get her ice cream so I guess the only thing missing was the two-story cake. She was pretty happy with how it turned out though so I don't think she really cared! We invited the boys over and celebrated with everyone after dinner. She had told me earlier that she wouldn't need any help biting her cake and she was planning on doing it herself. I assured her that she would have help anyway, and I was right! That's a tradition almost all of the kids LOVE!


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