Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend Fun!

Friday morning while at the hogar, I heard Tía Silvia saying "Come on, kids! Go outside!" When I looked over, she was chasing her chickens out of the kids' bedroom. It was too funny! Also, we're down to 6 chicks, half of what we started with... They're certainly growing but it'll be interesting to see how many we still have around by the time they're grown.

The chicken in the back is mean! He was pecking at my hand as I tried to pick up his little friend. Tía Silvia claims they would never bite but I don't believe her!

A.M. skipped school on Friday but still had homework that afternoon.

Ready for Horita Feliz! If you think we're missing one of our toddlers, you're right! A few days ago, Denis moved over to the boys' house.

The tías have pretty much stopped taking the big kids to Horita Feliz and church as they know we'll do it, but Tía Yovana did help us walk down to Horita Feliz with all the kids.

 O. at his first Horita Feliz! He's having a bit of a hard transition while still missing his mom, but he's already had several outings with different volunteers and has done SO well. He was so easy to bring along!

 Brushing her teeth before our sleepover!

Charque for days... After Horita Feliz, the Boohers and Clarks invited Sarah and I out to eat charque (llama meat with corn, potatoes, cheese, and hard boiled eggs). Four of us ate from this plate and just about finished everything. I've heard good reviews on the restaurant and everyone was right... It was delicious!

Time for church! 

 R. can be a handful at times, but she loves going to church with us!

When I went to get the babies from their Sunday School class, I was told they had a birthday party. When I asked whose birthday it was, they said it was for A. as they knew her birthday had just passed. They had cake, gave her a gift and had favors for the kids. As if we needed another reason to love our church family... They go above and beyond anything we could ask for!

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