Thursday, November 19, 2015

Picture Day!

This afternoon as soon as I arrived to the hogar, I was told that we needed to take group pictures of the kids. In years past, CDA took group pictures twice a year, but in 2013 there was only one and last year we failed to take any group pictures. Now that 2015 is nearly over and we have yet to take a group picture, it was definitely time! When the babies woke up from their naps, everyone got a bath and changed and then it was time to start the task that was taking the picture! We had a big crowd to help with set-up and getting the kids to smile, as you can see from that first picture! We tried pictures inside first and then moved everyone outside for round 2. Then we had the great idea to get individuals of all the kids as well after that. I tried to get as many pictures as I could but they really aren't that great, and I missed some individual ones. Kirsten took a ton of pictures and has an awesome camera so I'm looking forward to seeing her selection! For now, enjoy some of our attempts at a group picture of CDA's current 30 kids!


Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Love them. I think the group ones are the BEST ever. I really like the one in front of the tree.
Everyone looks calm and collected... A miracle! I wanted a group picture before all of the
adoptions earlier this year, but it didn't happen. :) Good for you all for getting this done!!

Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

YEAH for group pictures!!! Thanks for helping! I was the only one who pushed for them precisely because they're not easy. :) When my kids came along, I just couldn't get it done anymore. But they're my favs!!