Saturday, March 5, 2016

Horita Feliz is back!

Horita Feliz, a kids' Bible club down the street from the hogar, started back up and we were so excited to go this afternoon! A couple of the girls stayed home, but the rest of us went and took the two oldest "babies" with us. While working so much during the week I feel like I never see the kids anymore so it was fun to have an afternoon away with them!

 Line up and smile. They know the drill.

 Some of them dressed for summer while others thought it was cold outside!

 Too pretty :)

Big bellies and double chins... Looking good, girls!

Snack time is our favorite.

 It took months but S. has finally learned how to smile on command!

Showing off his new shoes. Right as I was about to take the picture, he loudly announced he needed to use the bathroom and tried to pull down his pants! 

Just because her unruly hair makes me laugh... Maybe we should let her follow J.'s lead (see below!) and shave it off... Let it grow again and see if it grows in better...

In the worst things I've seen this week... J. was SHAVED BALD. Apparently when you're blind and have a head full of lice, this is best solution. Tías don't have to spend hours picking out your nits and you won't care about your appearance... Win-win for everyone. What in the world?! Someone buy this girl some headbands, please.

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