Thursday, March 24, 2016

As seen in the hogar...

Just some random pictures from the past few days...

 I'm pleased to announce that after nearly 3 years of Tía Silvia's constant attempts to make me wife material for her son, she has officially failed. He's become engaged to an Argentinean woman which means I am now safe to enter the kitchen and attempt to help her cook, however feeble my attempts may be. The other day I helped peel potatoes like any good Bolivian woman knows how to do... No potato peeler in sight! I didn't peel all of those potatoes, but I did get through about 10. Tía Silvia made sure to position herself between myself and the bowl so she could inspect them and peel any part I missed before putting them in the bowl... She'll never fully trust me in the kitchen!

The same day I learned how to peel potatoes, S. had a homework assignment to write 15 sentences. Her 6th sentence was supposed to say "Tía Hannah learned how to peel potatoes." It doesn't quite translate that way ("Tía Hannah learned the potato"), but we know what she meant!

Riding on the moto, Bolivian style ;)

 Do you remember our fluffy, adorable little chicks from this post?! Well, they weren't fluffy, adorable or little anymore so earlier this week Tío David announced it was time they become dinner... Luckily I wasn't around for the killing, but I was there for dinner tonight... Guess what was on the menu?!

Sometimes it's hard to leave!

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