Sunday, March 6, 2016

Church and a Bridal Shower!

We had a very busy day today! This morning started off by picking up kids for church. When we arrived, no one had eaten breakfast and the girls hadn't gotten changed for church. We made a quick decision to hurry and feed the little ones to get them ready to go and then told the girls to get their homework done while we were gone so they could go out with us this afternoon... It was Tía Daniela's long-awaited bridal shower! She wants the girls to be involved in the preparations and they really want to be involved, so they got to go along with us! All things considered, they did really well at the bridal shower. We definitely need to work on some proper manners and wedding etiquette but we have a couple more months to get them ready!

 When we arrived at the hogar this morning, I noticed that several of the highchairs had been re-covered... except this one. Upon further inspection, I saw the funniest note written on the tray... "THIS CHAIR IS ONLY FOR DANIEL because he is destroying all the straps on the others and he is going to continue doing it to the other chairs. For this reason he can only sit in this seat in order to better watch his antics." #danieleltravieso

 Someone is excited about his 2nd birthday tomorrow!

Loved getting to take just the younger ones to church... Reminds me of my days living with the babies!

Came home to find that V.'s back was covered in heat rash... Laying naked on the cold tile floor is just what the doctor ordered, I'm sure!

 So many CDA volunteers at Danyelle's bridal shower!

 These girls have NO idea what to do at a buffet... When you're usually given a plate piled with food and are expected to eat all of it, serving yourself is a crazy idea!

 Time to open the gifts!

 Another little photographer!

Sharing marriage advice... Most of us are single so weren't much help in that but a few of our married friends were able to offer up some great tips!

All of the guests!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Ahhh, how I wish I was in that last picture!
Missing you all like crazy and this blog did
not help!!! Thank you so much for posting
about Danyella's shower!