Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday morning at the hogar!

 A. was so proud of herself for helping me wash dishes!

She has a cute smile when you're taking a picture of her but looks totally ridiculous when she's taking a selfie!

 10am and tired of us already...

Castigado... That's what happens when you keep biting your friends!

Just a little Saturday morning bike ride...

Looking too chubby these days!

She looks so sweet and innocent until you see those claws on her slippers!

 Only he would smile after just getting bit for the second time this week...

 When we were changing diapers, she was bringing the babies over to us on the back of her bike... Such a great helper!

 Here's a tip for all you new mothers out there... Give your kids plain pasta after they finish lunch to keep them occupied until you finish eating ;)

Pretty sure you're supposed to be asleep!

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