Monday, March 21, 2016

An afternoon with my favorites!

A week off from school needs to happen more often... Today I got to pick up J. from school and then spent the afternoon at the hogar!

R. practiced writing her name for homework. Unfortunately learning to write your name isn't a skill most parents of pre-schoolers/kindergarteners here teach their kids, but I would like at least a few of our younger ones to have at least an idea of how to write their names!

 This homework was actually painful to sit through with her. She's learning 3 digit subtraction (no regrouping) and has absolutely no clue what she's doing... She has some learning difficulties so even identifying the number of fingers she needs to hold up can be hard... It was horrific. This picture was actually taken after she'd finished her homework and I gave her another page of practice problems. By about the 12th practice problem she was sort of starting to understand it a little...

 Although I rarely find S. to be an obnoxious child (she's a bit too sassy for most!), she was driving the girls crazy while they were doing homework. I finally sent her to her room for a little while where she had such a tantrum she finally fell asleep from exhaustion. Even for me it was a bit much!

 His best attempt at a smile!

 So many little babies! Also, please ignore my disgustingly dirty foot...

As if he needs more milk!

 R. standing up all by herself for the first time!

Now that she stands she's obviously ready to walk...

 They're each other's favorite!

 He's always up for a good selfie!

 Gotta teach this chubby girl how to sit up!

Hi, friends! It's nice to meet you :)