Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wild Things!

This morning we decided to take it easy by just taking the toddlers and older kids with us to church... Or so we thought... Today clearly wasn't a good day for them as they were AWFUL! I don't know what happened but during church they were wild! Running all over the place, loud, couldn't sit still... you name it, they did it! I got some cute pictures of them before church but while there it was different story. We're hoping for better luck next week!

 How is it that these kids can walk quietly in a line yet my kindergarten class can't?!

 Looking just as crazy as they behaved!

K. is starting to look so much older and bigger... He had just turned 2 years old when I arrived to Bolivia and in a couple months he'll be 5. It's crazy how time flies!

 Now that she's started school she's talking so much more and her personality is really coming out. She's so silly!

Not sure L.'s pants are ever really pulled up all the way...

 She loves taking selfies in the taxi!

After a tiring morning with the little monsters, we were excited to see that one of our favorite Bolivian lunches was on the menu when we arrived home... papas a la huancaina!

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