Saturday, March 19, 2016

Horita Feliz!

After a busy last week with report cards and then parent-teacher conferences all this morning, I'm so happy to say we've finally made it to spring break! I'll miss my crazy class this week but am SO looking forward to sleeping in and finally getting to spend more than just a few hours at a time a couple times a week with my other favorite kiddos! After conferences finished I headed over to the hogar to pick up the girls and toddlers for Horita Feliz... It just started back a few weeks ago so we're having to get back into the groove of getting everyone ready to go! The kids really enjoy it though so it's worth it!

 S. brought this ridiculous Minnie Mouse backpack that she'd filled with all sorts of stuff with her and then decided it was her baby!

 Always silly!

 While I would consider this dress to be more of a church dress, A. insisted on wearing it this afternoon!

 Not the best quality picture, but look who fell out of his highchair earlier this week and needed to get stitches... That's what you get for being a travieso!

 Meanwhile back at the baby house... It's time for a Saturday evening movie!

 R. is always so serious!

C. just hanging out!

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