Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dyeing Easter Eggs

This afternoon some of the younger kids and I dyed Easter eggs! Lindsey (a great friend and former CDA volunteer) and I dyed eggs with the toddlers at the baby house our first Easter here, and last year I planned to do it again on my own, but Carmin was returned to family and I went on a mini-vacay from the hogar to get away from it all for a bit days before Easter so we didn't celebrate at all. This year I was excited to dye eggs with the kids again, and they loved it! We definitely needed a bigger variety of colors, but the kids didn't mind. They had a hard time waiting for the dye to soak in and loved getting to mix their colors! When we finished everyone got to choose 2 eggs to have for a snack, and that might have been their favorite part of all!

Ready to begin!

 R. can be weird about unusual/new experiences and this was no exception. Once she watched the other kids for a few minutes she decided she'd like to dye eggs too!

 The pink dye really didn't mix well so the eggs turned out to have pink polka dots instead of being fully pink... Luckily J. didn't mind!

 In the middle of dyeing eggs, he had to go to the bathroom and was saying it was "an emergency!" Of course I told him to please run to the bathroom, but he refused, worried that he'd miss out on his turn... He only finally agreed to get up from his chair when he was allowed to pee outside... Such a boy!

 Brown eggs make them all look pretty similar...

Choosing which eggs to eat!

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