Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Día del Mar (Day of the Sea)

March 23rd is "Día del Mar" in Bolivia. During the War of the Pacific (I could be wrong but I think this year marks 137 years ago...), Bolivia lost their part of the sea while fighting against Chile. To make a long story short, ultimately a treaty was signed giving up Bolivia's coast to Chile. Bolivia continues to fight it and everyone hopes for the day that they will again have the sea. 

There are celebrations all over the country, and there are always parades. Kindergarteners always participate in the city-wide obligatory parades so even though my school is on spring break, we were still required to go to the parade. Unfortunately very few of our kids showed up, but we had fun anyway! I can't post any pictures of the kids but I do have one without students...

Danitza is one of the kindergarten assistants and has been a great friend and big help to me at school... The kindergarten team is great and I'm thankful to be a part of it!

While I was at our parade, the kids from Casa de Amor were at another parade in a different part of Cochabamba so I wasn't able to go. Sarah went and was able to get some cute pictures of them!

 Kids in red are our pre-kinder kids... Green are the big kindergarteners!

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