Friday, March 25, 2016

"It's going to be a Good Friday!" -Sarah

This morning all of the older children left to go to a church camp for the weekend, so Sarah and I wanted to pick up some of the younger kids for a fun outing. We ended up meeting up with some friends at the water fountain park and had a great time! Our kids were EXHAUSTED when we finally took them back home, so we'd say it was a success! It was a Good Friday, for sure! ;)

He wasn't so sure about the fountains at first but it didn't take him long to warm up to them!

As long it was on her own terms, she was happy to play in the water!

 All of a sudden a random guy from a tv station showed up and started filming our kids on live television!

 Then Sarah got a turn to talk too! We'll have to look up the station online to see if they have posted any clips!


 R. was super whiny and so tired so I was holding her while we waited on our food... All of a sudden I felt something warm on my leg... She peed on me!

 The culprit... sleeping through it all!

 Long-time readers will remember "Baby Benjo!" We got to spend the day with him, big sister Gaby (aka Samira... adopted from CDA too!) and their parents!

That lump would be R., asleep again!

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