Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another morning at church!

This morning, a few of the volunteers wanted to try out the church Sarah and I attend, so they met us at the hogar to pick up the kids... It was great as we got to take some of the youngest ones who hardly get out of the house as we had extra help today (we usually only can take the big girls and toddlers)! We ended up with 12 total, as two of the big girls backed out at the last minute. It's never an easy, calm morning with so many little ones, but it sure is fun and a great start to our week!

 C. got to come to church for the first time! He did so well and looked too cute!

These two (the "old married couple" as Sarah referred to them) also got to tag along this week and did pretty well too!

 J. didn't join us but did request a picture with her baby before we left!

 The motley crew... S. changed her mind at the last minute and decided to stay home to help with the other babies... Everyone else was stuck with us!

 R. looked SO cute!

 She loves going to church!

 Biggest girls and littlest girls

 Caught in the act... I was trying to get a cute picture of them standing together and right as the picture was being taken, R. reached out and hit A. in the face...

 There's always something that makes us arrive late... This morning it was a nosebleed as soon as the taxi arrived!

One of our church members (sitting next to Sarah) has moved to another city outside of Cochabamba for mission work. Today was her last Sunday at church and she requested a picture of everyone at the end of the service. This isn't quite everyone, but it's most of them... LOVE this church and how well they care for everyone!

Including the driver, we had 18 in our taxi back home... The more the merrier!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Missing you, Crazy Gals! I love seeing all the pictures it makes you feel close by!
Thank you, Hannah for not only blessing those kiddos, but blessing us too by
telling us about what is happening down South!
Love you lots, Carla:)