Monday, February 8, 2016

Recent Pictures!

Just some pictures from the past couple weeks that haven't been posted...

M. is looking more and more like his big brother A. every day!

Clearly thrilled her 1st birthday is less than a week away!

 Stole this picture from the Boohers! All of us at the airport on the night they left for the States.

 That smile!

 Pretty in pink!

 Guess who has been assigned adoptive parents?! This one!!!! It's extra exciting as they're actually adopting TWO kids (another one from a different orphanage)! The other child's paperwork has been delayed a bit which has delayed everything... Once it's finished, they should receive a court hearing to take both kids home!

 Ready for breakfast!

Fortunately V. got over whatever he had last weekend, but today he wasn't quite himself either.

 I asked S. if she was pretending to be Mary, and R. immediately piped up, "I'm a sheep! Baaaaaa Baaaaaa Baaaaaa"

The volunteers brought wooden airplanes for the kids to decorate... They loved it!

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