Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Day with S.!

Usually on days we have kids at our house, we fill them with all sorts of fun activities outside, around the neighborhood, or at the park. With elections, nothing was opened and I still had a lot of school work to do so we ended up spending most of the day inside with a quick trip out for dinner. Our little charges handled it well, however, and they managed to find all sorts of ways to keep themselves entertained! They go back to the hogar early tomorrow morning, and I don't think any of us are particularly looking forward to it... However, trying to do a lot of school work while also keeping watch over a 5 year old was a bit more work than I think I may be ready for right now... Next time we'll let her come for visits when I have a day off after!

Taken last night right after I arrived home... Too tired to even sit up and play!

When we were given permission to bring E. and S. over, part of the deal was that we'd work with them on academic concepts... S. just started kindergarten so I gave her some of my leftover "Community Helpers" pages to work on.

 E.'s doctor picture looked a bit demonic when he was finished with it!

Now practicing her name... She's so smart but has NO idea where to even begin with her name!

Now time for a little math... He was starting to understand the iPad game but writing double digit numbers completely escaped her... We've got a ways to go it would appear!

 She's come so far with Crocodile Dentist! When my mom first sent it to me, she was terrified of it. Now she looks for it when she comes over!

My mom also sent this hedgehog sun catcher and S. had a lot of fun painting it!

"I really don't need to sleep. I'm not tired"... And this was five minutes later and what turned into a four hour long nap. I finished my school work just as soon as she woke up so it was definitely good timing!

 When S. was playing in the bath, I sat down on the edge and said I was going to wash off my feet. She offered to give me a "pedicure" so how could I have said no?!

 Being so helpful and taking out the trash!

Waiting on dinner to arrive!

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