Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

My little Valentines would like to wish you the sweetest of Valentine's Days today! There is never a shortage of love (they live in a "House of Love" after all!), and while we don't need a special day to remind us to love each other, we're up for any excuse to wear pink and love each other a little more! We had a fun morning at church and out to lunch... They'll be having cake for Tía Mirtha's birthday tomorrow so I didn't make them any more sweet treats... We'll save that for another day!

 Brother didn't have anything pink to match his sister (I better get on that...) so they both got to wear red!

 These two are so full of sass and I LOVE it!

 Quick picture in the street... Depending on which five I take, it's a doable number to take to church on my own... These five were a bit much, however!

 She's one of the few who can make him run!

 Burning off a little energy before church starts and they have to sit!

 After church we went out for empanadas with some friends! They bought the kids ice cream after they finished eating.

I can always count on her to share ice cream with me! :)

 This girl... She has changed so much. When she arrived, we were told her family only spoke Aymara so she didn't know Spanish... And it was true. She didn't understand anything we said to her and certainly didn't speak Spanish (didn't speak anything really). One of the tías tried to speak to her in Aymara but she didn't respond at all. We weren't really sure what was "wrong" with her. Today at lunch, Angelica asked her a question in Aymara and she immediately understood and shook her head "yes!" She just started pre-school and is doing well overall... and for the first time since she arrived last September, she's talking and understands so much of what we tell her!

Eating her ice cream without a care in the world!

Always my valentine!

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