Monday, February 1, 2016

1st day of school!

Today is the first day of school! Unfortunately I had to miss it, but we did get them dressed up in their uniforms for some 1st day photos yesterday... Hope they all have a great year!

We'd like to say a special thanks to Carachipampa Christian School (where Sarah works) for providing their uniforms and school supplies and Savannah for buying their backpacks! 

 Her teacher won't know what hit her this morning!

 R. is one of four who are starting school for the first time!

The picture doesn't do her tiny size justice. She's basically a baby. That uniform? TINY.

Our big, bad kindergartner will show the pre-kinder kids how it's done!

 We had to take a "1st day of school" photo yesterday afternoon since I can't take her on the real 1st day!

 Showing off her new backpack!

 Backpack as big as you are!

 A rare smile from M.!

She's FINALLY learned how to smile for pictures!

 Please let us take a moment of silence to pray for their poor pre-kinder teacher... She has her work cut out for her this year.

 Kindergartener #1

 Kindergartener #2... You may remember that C. had heart surgery almost 6 months ago. He missed the last half of pre-kinder but gets to skip ahead to kinder this year.

 I don't know for sure if they're in the same class or not this year, but S. hopes they are!

 Sisters S. and B., both 4th grade

 A.M., 3rd grade

 D., 3rd grade

 J., 2nd grade

 B., 3rd grade

 E., 5th grade

 J. and A., both starting 7th grade this year at a new school (it's the first year of secondary school here)

 Siblings A. and E.

Everyone excited about their first day of school!

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