Friday, February 19, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños, M.!

M. turns 1 today! We had a bit of confusion over who was making the cake and he ended up with a huge cake today, and I have another for tomorrow... I don't think anyone will complain!

I feel like I NEVER see the kids anymore so made sure to get lots of pictures of them today :)

 Our youngest party guests... Unfortunately so young they don't get to try any cake yet!

 Birthday boy eating his dinner!

 Time to get the party started!

 Just a quick picture with a few of his most excited party guests!

 Birthdays are pretty great!

 Biting his cake with the help of his tías!

 So unimpressed. Ha!

 They were supposed to be helping me clean the tables. Instead they moved all the crumbs into a pile and were taking turns "biting the cake." Always helpful, those two!

S. kept asking if I'd spend the night tonight and when I said I was planning on going home, she offered to braid my hair in an effort to get me to stay a little longer... She knows I won't say no to her fancy (crazy?) hairstyles!

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