Sunday, February 7, 2016

Church and Lunch!

 Just too cute!

S. always begs to bring R. to church with us but I usually tell her "no" as we have too many other kids. Tía Savannah gave her the okay today and she was thrilled!

A quick selfie while singing!

BEST. MOMENT. EVER. went a little something like this:
"Who is a servant of God?"
J: "NOT ME!"

Of course she yelled it loud enough that the entire congregation heard and burst into laughter. 

 Our church served lunch after... Sopa de Maní... Of course only for the children... We missed out!

 We all love sopa de maní!

 "Take my picture too!"

"And mine too!"

 These three were given one of the adult plates to share after finishing their soup!

Without fail, they sleep on every taxi ride home from church!

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