Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't celebrated in Bolivia, but the tías at Casa de Amor do know about it due to volunteers celebrating. Last year, I tried to plan a Halloween party for the babies that ended up being a bit of a joke, so this year we just dressed up the youngest kids for some pictures… They looked too cute!

Baby G. was a kitten 

 Baby A. was a lumberjack (as requested by Lindsey!)… He wasn't a fan of the hat!

Baby D. was a clown

Baby E. was a turtle… The tías thought this was the perfect costume for him, and it really is! E. certainly isn't known as the baby who hits his milestones first or quickly :)

Baby B. was a mummy

R. was a princess

 And then N. came in and tried to steal everyone's costumes! 

I think Baby A. pulls the lumberjack look off better!

 And the cutest of them all! My mom sent Baby C. this adorable owl costume! C. must've loved it because she was taking steps independently all morning long while wearing it!

Baby C. is ready to go trick-or-treating!

Our little crew ready for Halloween!

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