Saturday, October 18, 2014

Muchas Gracias, Tía Lindsey!

We got a big surprise when the Boohers came over to the baby house… Presents from Tía Lindsey!!!! One of the ziploc bags was some goodies for Danyelle, but the rest was for us! 

She sent several super cute outfits for baby A. We'll have to have a little fashion show over Skype one day so she can see them! Baby C. also received a new outfit (so cute by the way!!!), and Lindsey sent me some great stuff too (I've been snacking on the chocolate since it arrived!)! She also sent us some more lice shampoo which was needed after our recent de-licing of new little boy, D.!

 You can't tell from the picture, but the green onesie Baby C. is wearing is actually the same pattern of the pink one that Lindsey sent her in the bag! Her new onesie came in a set and she's already worn the other shirt to Horita Feliz!

 Baby A. loves his new clothes! 

Thanks for the clothes, Mom! You'll have to come back to Bolivia if you want to see me in them ;)

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