Friday, October 10, 2014

Cochabamba Staycation: Day 1

This Sunday is election day in Bolivia. Much like Pedestrian Day, everything shuts down for the day and there is no transportation. Although Tío David can get permission to use his car (to take the tías to and from work since there aren't any trufis), it's a hassle so the tías asked permission to take the kids home for the weekend instead of coming to work. They actually went back and forth many times on whether or not to take the kids, so I went ahead and asked permission to take Baby C. to a hotel regardless of what the tías' final decision was. 

It's really hard to take a break or time off while living in the homes, and I think it was starting to catch up with me… Over the past couple weeks, several tías have mentioned that I need to get away (and I was already thinking so myself), and the timing really couldn't have been better!

Baby C. and I packed up (it looked like we were moving it was so much stuff) and headed to our hotel this morning. It's a hotel in the city and near many places that I don't normally frequent… Our Cochabamba "staycation" feels like real vacation!

Baby C. at the hotel's entrance

She thought she'd get this bed all to herself!

 They ended up bringing a crib in for her.

Baby C. in her crib

View from our window

 Her first donut hole! I miss donuts a lot, and these are certainly no Krispy Kremes, but they'll do! Luckily for her, she doesn't know any better :)

 Exploring all the fun things to mess with in the room

Snacktime on the bed

She was pretty unsure of the bathtub at first and didn't want to get in… After a few minutes though she thought it was pretty fun!

Playtime before bed

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