Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cochabamba Staycation: Day 2

Ready for the day! 

We went to the Saturday market. I thought it was mainly just some fruit and vegetables for sale but there were all sorts of things!

 Several women were selling flowers… The flowers were all so pretty and colorful!

 Saturday market

 Baby C. enjoying the market

 Nap at 8:45am… Don't mind if I do!

I bought this dress for her at the market. Two ladies had a booth filled with dresses they had hand-made.

 Time to go swimming!

 This was her face after getting out of the pool… Complete relief! She didn't love the pool which was a surprise considering how much she likes playing in the water during bathtime. I think it was probably more due to being tired than actually not liking it… We'll try again tomorrow!

My sister, "Aunt Hil," made this dress for Baby C. She wore it out to lunch!

After lunch, we shared an ice cream for dessert!

 Baby C. normally makes the funniest faces while eating ice cream, but today after just a few bites, she was eating it like she eats everything. She kept opening her mouth and grunting for more!

Wandering around outside before heading to dinner

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