Monday, October 13, 2014

Cochabamba Staycation: Going Home

Well, today is the end of ou Cochabamba "staycation." It's been so nice to have a break from everything and for the first time, not feel guilty with not being around to help out in the homes. Taking Baby C. out is always so easy and although to some it might seem like it wouldn't be relaxing with a baby, it really is relaxing with her. She's proven to be a great little traveler!

After one last yummy breakfast (we made sure to fill our plates with all of the delicious breakfast foods that we won't have again for awhile!), we walked down to the Recoleta to pass the time. Most of the shops were still closed so our outing was cut pretty short. Unfortunately Baby C. fell asleep in the stroller while we were out so even though I tried to get her to nap at the hotel, it was pretty much a lost cause! We ended up heading back to the baby house a little bit before lunch. Baby C. was greeted with many hugs and kisses from the other kids who were VERY excited to see her!

 She's so used to waking up at about 6am (or earlier) at the baby house that I was worried she might do the same this weekend… She slept until 7am or later every morning!

Love that sweet face :)

"What?? You mean it's really time to head home???"

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