Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cochabamba Staycation: Day 3

 Baby C. woke up with a beautiful case of bedhead ;)

That looks better!

 Baby C.'s healthy breakfast! Yogurt with cereal and avocado on toast

 Between the tv and the remote, I'm not sure which "toy" is her favorite!

 She's learned how to un-velcro her shoe.
 Waiting oh so patiently for lunch

 Tía Silvia was very worried about my eating this weekend and told me to think of how much I miss her every time I'm hungry, but she need not be worried! Chicken milanesa, mashed potatoes, and fried yuca made for a delicious lunch!

 Eating some yuca… Even though it may not look like it, I have been bathing her… The black knees and feet are from crawling around outside!

Enjoying the sunshine :)

It almost looked like Pedestrian Day since no cars are allowed on the roads on Election Day!

 We had a more successful trip to the pool today than we did yesterday!

Hanging out at our door

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