Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Globo's Party

This morning, Globo's, a local ice cream shop, hosted an event for children living in orphanages. When I heard about it from Danyelle, another CDA volunteer, I knew I wanted to take some of the baby house kids. The baby home kids really only ever get to eat ice cream when we stop at the Aragatza ice cream truck after church maybe once every two months, so they were excited when they heard we were going out for ice cream too! 

We arrived at Globo's at about lunchtime with empty bellies, and there was certainly no shortage of food! As soon as we sat down, we were brought popcorn and suckers. That was followed by heaping bowls of blue bubblegum flavored ice cream and soda. Last but not least, a hamburger and french fries! The kids LOVED all of the sweets! They rarely eat hamburgers and when they do, it's usually just the hamburger patty as that's how we eat them at the baby home. Samuel, who lived with the Boohers, was the only one in our group who knew how to properly eat a hamburger. It was too funny watching him pick it up and take big bites… It was as big as his face!

I didn't take as many pictures as I'd hoped to, but for your viewing pleasure... 

 Our group ready to head out! 
Between the three CDA houses, we (3 other volunteers and I) took 8 of the kids… It was a big group but with only two kids/volunteer, it was very manageable… Not to mention, our kids behaved wonderfully!

 Our new little boy D. got to go on his first real outing! Although that face might be deceiving, he was excited to go out!

 S. and M. waiting for our food.

Sarah and Daniel with K. and D.

Sarah with E. and R.

My girls and I!

Let the celebration begin :)

Everyone (including Baby C.) was brought out a soda. We planned on only passing them out to the oldest kids, but of course everyone wanted one! After S. finished her Sprite, she immediately asked for a Coke. When I told her no because she'd already drank a soda, her response was "But Tía Hannah, I haven't had that color yet. I need to try it!" Valid point… I couldn't argue! 

 I don't remember the last time I ate a real hamburger!

S. and M. sat next to each other. Like he does with most meals, M. quickly shoveled it all into his mouth while S. on the other hand only ate the french fries and said she wanted to take her hamburger to go! She finally did give in to the tempation and ate some of it before we headed home.

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