Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't really celebrated in Bolivia, but I wanted to do something to celebrate with the kids. Finding costumes for all of them just wasn't possible, so instead, we had a little Halloween party! It ended up being probably the most lame Halloween party ever... I can say that because it was all my idea! The kids had fun though so that's all that matters!

This picture is actually from the day before Halloween! We bought candy to make goody bags for the big kids, and I knew they'd love these gummy teeth. We had a little too much fun convincing E. to try them out!

Baby C. dressed up as a ladybug, and I even found a matching pacifier for her!

These lucky 3 got to dress up! R. was a ballerina, M. was a zebra, and baby C. was a ladybug!

The cutest zebra out there!

Stuffing his face... Typical E.

The mummy and the ladybug enjoyed the festivities, as well!

Tía Rosi trying to teach the kids how to throw the rings onto the witch hat!

Totally cheating.

Being allowed to throw a toy? Pretty much the most fun game ever!

She won the award for "Most Adorable Costume"!

M. was so not a fan of the witch hat!

P. thought wearing the witch hat was just as much fun as playing ring toss with it!

Ballerina or a witch? She couldn't decide!

Cheating some more...

R. and K. showing off their pumpkins! (They had to glue on the face.)

S. didn't want to be left out of all the fun!

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