Monday, October 28, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños to Our Newest 7 Year Old!

Yesterday (10/27), we celebrated a very special birthday! A.M., one of our big girls, turned 7 years old!  

She's had a bit of a hard time lately, so we wanted to make her day extra special! I think we succeeded; she celebrated all day long! A lady who loves A.M. very much and visits her often took her out for the day. Going to church and eating chicken for lunch seemed to be the two highlights of the outing! When she returned home, we had a party with the girls. They danced, 10 year old A. dressed up as a clown (told you we have clowns at every event here!), played games, and ate cake! A.M. has been asking me for at least a month if she could spend the night with me at the baby home for her birthday, so that wish was granted. After celebrating with the girls, I took her with me for the night!

A., with the help of J., came up with a clown costume!

All of the girls gave A.M. a gift. She received several little purses and dolls!

The presents just kept coming! 

 Our "payasa", A., insisted on being the one to light the candles.

A.M. actually took 2 bites of her cake! The first bite was small, but after some encouragement from the girls, she put her whole face in the cake!

She loved seeing herself in the mirror after taking her second bite of cake!

The birthday princess was so excited to show me that she could hold baby C. all by herself!

While waiting on our trufi, A.M. spotted an airplane and said "Look Tía Hannah! It's Tía Daniela's airplane! Chau, Tía Daniela!" (Danyelle (or Daniela as she was called here!) was here over the summer and lived in the girls' home~ We all miss her!)

A.M. loves riding in these toys, so before heading back to the baby home for the night, we stopped at I.C. Norte to buy some popcorn (she requested popcorn and a movie before bedtime) and they just happen to have 3 of these "motos," as she calls them!

A.M. was so excited to play with the toddlers! She's always asking me about coming over to play with E., so she got her wish!

She also helped feed baby C.!

Watching "Buscando a Nemo" (Finding Nemo) while enjoying a big bowl of popcorn

I ended up working a night shift that night, so we all (A.M., Tía Rosi, and I) shared two matresses. A.M. wasted no time in stretching out and taking up space on both matresses!

She even wanted to help change diapers in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see that my girl, Ana Maria had a nice birthday. I sure hope she got our wishes and our picture of our family, including our puppies, that I emailed to Denise. Really enjoyed reading about her day and seeing the pics. I so want to meet this special little girl in person someday! Thanks for posting this! Mary A