Sunday, October 13, 2013

Picture Update

I've not been super great at posting pictures of all of the kids recently (thank you baby C.!), so this will be lots of random pictures!

M. may have paid a bit more attention to her Baby Einstein dvd had it not been in German. When you buy movies off the street, you definitely get what you pay for!

Doing her laundry 

Taking a Sunday afternoon drive 

R. and C. "helping" organize our books!

R. put herself in time-out for peeing in her underwear. It was pretty funny because we never put the kids in time-out for having accidents!

 Love that morning face, C.!

 L.J. was the first child at La Horita Feliz to learn and recite the books of the Old Testament!

Baby A. spending some quality time with his favorite tía, Tía Hannah ;)

So sassy!

"No puedo!" ("I can't!")

 S.'s hair has gotten longer and she's lost her little mohawk... We decided to recreate it just for old times' sake! 

 Potty-training is now in full force at the baby home!

Acting the fool in the dining room 

 Baby A. was a bit jaundiced, so the tías set up a special bed for him to complete his light therapy.

Like mother, like daughter... If only we'd taken this on the day my other hijita, M., also wore pink/white striped fuzzy socks!

One of my top Tía Lucy moments... She stole Lindsey's baby and hid in a closet with him! I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe!

There's nothing better than opening the gate and being greeted by these two smiling faces!

Everyone wants to help with the baby! 

I'm not sure who dressed M. in this atrocious clothing combination, but I was so proud to see that they chose tights with stars the same color as her dress and coat. We're making progress, y'all!

I see a hint of a smile!

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