Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And then there were twelve...

Today we were surprised to find out that our sweet C. would be leaving us to go to her adoptive family! 

Our hope is that one day all of our kids will have a family, so it's always really exciting when there is an adoption! C. has some special medical needs, so it was especially exciting to find out that a family accepted her referral. In the four months I have been here, it has been a constant battle to keep her healthy. She gets sick so easily, and I think that being away from so many kids (not that our kids are sickly because they aren't... but it's just a lot of shared germs) will do wonders for her health!

Her parents arrived this morning and spent a couple hours getting to know her before being allowed to take her home! Although it is always sad to say goodbye, we are thrilled that C. now has a FAMILY!

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