Friday, November 1, 2013

Feliz Cumple Tía Silvia!

Tía Silvia, our cook and housekeeper, at the baby home celebrates her birthday tomorrow. However, tomorrow is also Day of the Dead, and it's a holiday so she won't be working. We decided to celebrate today instead!

She has been attempting to teach me to bake a cake from scratch because she says I spend too much money on boxed cake and brownie mix. She had given me her recipes for chocolate and vanilla cakes, so I decided to use her chocolate cake recipe for her cake. 

I was a little worried something might go wrong in the baking process or that I might burn it (I burn nearly everything I bake), but it all went smoothly!

Before enjoying some yummy chocolate cake for breakfast, Tía Lucy and I surprised Tía Silvia by cracking an egg and putting flour in her hair, a Bolivian birthday tradition! She suspected we might do it to her (apparently she's a big fan of cracking eggs/putting flour in the tías' hair on their birthdays) and had previously checked our pockets. However, right after singing "Happy Birthday," we got her!

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