Friday, November 29, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños to me!

Just wanted to document the craziest, most unforgettable birthday I've ever celebrated!

The morning started off at a kindergarten graduation! Tía Yovana's son, Sergio, was graduating, and she's been telling me for a month that I'm invited. Unfortunately, she had to work and was unable to go, but I went along anyway to take pictures for her! Tía Techy's (works at Casa 4 with the Booher family) daughter is in the same class as Sergio, so I was also able to watch her graduate! 

It's a Bolivian birthday tradition to crack eggs and put flour in the cumpleañero's hair! I knew it would happen at some point in the day because Tía Silvia has been talking about doing it to me ever since she found out the date of my birthday. However, I didn't expect it to happen just minutes after walking through the gate! I knew Tía Lucy was holding something in her pocket, but before I had a chance to figure out what it was, it was too late! Tía Silvia had snuck up behind me with a handful of eggs! 

These two crazies were quite pleased with their handiwork! Tía Silvia (left) had planned out the whole thing, and Tía Lucy (right) was her loyal helper! 

Although Tía Nilda and Tía Yovana weren't the ones with the eggs and flour, they had their own roles in the action!

Gracias a Tía Silvia por cocinar un almuerzo muy especial! Tía Silvia made my favorite Bolivian meal for lunch! (Milanesas de pollo... basically very thin, fried chicken) 

 The celebrations didn't end with lunch. The tías from the other group took me out to dinner! Tía Rosi, Tía Claudia, and I had a great time together! Tía Rosi brought her daughter and sister along, as well. Unfortunately, Tía Ely wasn't able to join us.

Cake #3! Tía Rosi used to always write my name differently, but I think she's finally settled on "Jhanna."  

This is such a terrible quality picture, but it shows me biting the cake. For the second time of the day, I managed to avoid being pushed into it!

Thankful for such a great day with great friends!

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