Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet the Parents!

Today was a very exciting day! Two of our kids at the baby home met their new parents!

The first to meet his parents was P., one of our almost two year olds! They arrived at about 9:30am, so ready to meet their new son. It was love at first sight for everyone! They were thrilled to finally meet P., and his dad actually shed a few tears! His mom stayed until he fell asleep tonight, and P. loved the constant attention throughout the day. I can't wait to see their relationship grow even more over the next few days!

Then this afternoon, S. met her parents! They too were thrilled with their new daughter! It's so fun to watch the parents' reactions when their baby is brought into the room. Her mom kept saying "I love her already!" and I think S. was pretty smitten with her parents, as well. It was especially exciting to meet her parents as her mom is from the USA! (USA-Bolivia adoptions aren't allowed, but she's married to a Bolivian and living in Bolivia, so her situation is a bit different.) They also spent several hours with us, and we all enjoyed getting to know them better. They'll be visiting S. for the next two weeks, and then they'll be allowed to take her home. 

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Katrina in NZ said...

These pictures make my heart so happppppyyyy!!!
Thanks for the post Hannah!!