Monday, November 3, 2014

Just the four of us!

This past Sunday, November 2nd, was All Saints Day. It is a holiday that is celebrated in Bolivia, and as many tías and their families celebrate, they asked for permission to take kids home for the weekend so they would be able to stay home and celebrate. 

I've spent the weekend at the baby house with Baby C. and L. We also brought over S. from the girls' house. She and L. are siblings and really don't get to spend too much time together so I wanted them to have a whole weekend together. They've had a great time, but I have to admit, it's been rather exhausting. They're pretty high maintenance! 

I've taken a lot of pictures, but after going through them, I've realized that the vast majority were taken as the kids were eating. It's been the only time I've been able to sit down and actually pull out a camera!

After all of the kids were gone, we went over to House 2 for a bit. The kids had a great time playing, and B. taught L. how to fight with a stick… Not sure that's something L. needs to try doing at the baby house!

Baby C. and I on the swing

L. playing in what is also Baby C.'s favorite spot in the house!

She was still hungry when we finally made it home from the boys' house and asked for bread and hot chocolate because "it's what the tías eat!"

 I made blueberry muffins for breakfast on Saturday morning. When S. saw her muffin in her bowl, she said "Oh look! We get cake for breakfast!"

L. was a pretty big fan of his muffin too!

 I'm not sure what happened, but he ended up filthy and with no pants almost immediately after going outside.

 Playing in the sandbox

This tantrum brought to you by the boy who wouldn't stop throwing sand on his sister and was removed from the sand box!

 She watched me make the "dirt cups" on Friday night and was so excited when it was finally snack time on Saturday! 

 Playtime upstairs

 She wanted to carry her baby in this sling so she could be "just like Tía Lindsey!"


 Headed to Horita Feliz

 Pretty sure you're too big for that high chair…

Nothing like some Pollo Sabroso for dinner! We had a few guests over after Horita Feliz :)

A.M. has been asking to spend the night for her birthday, so she came over on Saturday night along with Sarah and A.

She put her headband on all by herself!

 S. enjoying his dinner

 A.M. was oh so kind to set up a table for us too!

 We joked before sitting down that we would break the chairs…

And then it actually happened!

 Pretty sure the tías would not approve of us changing the kids on cold tile floors and putting pjs on the kids with nothing underneath!

 L. and A. looking too cute before church!

 It just so happened that we brought this rowdy bunch to church on Orphan Sunday. After the service we tried to give the orphans away to people who felt especially moved by the service… We didn't have any takers. Considering how poorly behaved and loud they were, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want them ;)

She entertained herself by banging her bowl on the floor until food came out!

S. helped make pizza for lunch!

S. requested a glass of water… Of course L. and Baby C. also wanted some!

It's been pretty fun to have the house to ourselves!

Rather than deal with cleaning the dining room again, we opted for a picnic breakfast in the kitchen!

Dressed and ready to take on another day!

S. loves helping her brother!

As evidenced through all of the above photos, I do feed the child even if this picture might make you think otherwise ;)

It's been great to eat outside!

 In true Baby C. fashion, she learned how to crawl up the stairs before all of the other babies. However, once she saw the others doing it to, she decided it wasn't all that great and started refusing to crawl up (instead she slide herself down). Her favorite activity this weekend has been playing on the stairs, and she now goes up and down while standing up and holding on to the railing with both hands like the big kids!

 I had to keep them entertained somehow while making lunch!

 Fresh and clean after another bath!

 Such a great mommy!

 Reading her favorite book

 My mom sent S. this little Halloween black cat treat bag!

 This time we took our picnic upstairs to the playroom!

She LOVED her candy necklace!

Well, that's it for pictures! It's been a busy weekend and we're looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! S. has already told me several times that she doesn't want to go back to the girls' house and would rather just stay here to help take care of the babies, so we'll see how she reacts tomorrow. I think L. and Baby C. will be excited to be with the other kids again although they've enjoyed a lot more one-on-one attention. Personally, I love these little breaks and am already ready for the next one!

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