Wednesday, November 19, 2014

R.'s big move

R. is officially a member of House 3! I hated to see her leave the baby house, but it is a much needed change for her. As she was now the oldest with us, her behavior started to regress as she was surrounded by younger children all of the time. Potty training wasn't going well, her speech was the worst it has ever been (baby talk), and she was refusing to do anything independently. 

We knew she'd move to the girls' house when Oriana left with her adoptive family, so we started taking her over there to get used to the girls and the house. From the first day, she did great! She was so happy to be back with Saret and have older playmates. While at the girls' house, she talked so much more and much more clearly than she was talking with us. The tías really made an effort to help with potty training, as well. The girls were so ready for her to come live with them, and she was ready too. 

This morning was the big day! She left the baby house like it was no big deal and from what I've heard, she is already doing SO well with the girls. I'm planning on going over there this weekend and am excited to see it for myself!

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