Sunday, November 9, 2014

Church and Lunch Outing

This Sunday, we decided to switch things up and visit a new church with Sarah and Daniel. One of their teachers from Spanish school attends this church and invited them, so we took a few kids from the baby house along with two of the boys from their house. We enjoyed the service, the kids behaved great, and we had a yummy empanada lunch afterwards!

I might be biased, but is she not the most adorable little thing?!

 Ready to head out! V. and D. came to church for the first time and surprisingly to us, did VERY well!

K. has become such a big boy since moving in with the boys!

Savannah, do you recognize where we are?

Wist'upiku now sells many flavors of ice cream! I don't think D. had ever eaten ice cream before. He wasn't sure what to do with it, so he attempted to drink it. 

 K. chose blue ice cream with gummy bears.

E. got to chose two flavors since he's the oldest and behaved the best too. He chose mint and cherry ice cream.

 V. used to scream and hide at the sight of Daniel. She's since come around, and now he's her favorite!

I thought I should add in here that C. survived her first day in the church nursery. She's cried the few times I've taken her to the nursery at my church (so I'd taken her out), but she was reaching for the teachers and wanted to go today! I didn't want to send her based on past experiences, and it was certainly more traumatic for me than it was for her… She LOVED it!

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