Friday, November 28, 2014

Tía Nilda's Baby Shower

Tía Nilda, one of our Baby Home tías, is due with twins in about three weeks! In Bolivia, maternity leave begins 45 days before the mother's due date and ends 45 days after the babies are born. Due to this, Nilda has already been on maternity leave for a couple of weeks. We miss her a lot and wanted to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her babies. Baby showers aren't common in Bolivia, but at Casa de Amor, we like to host them! Tonight we gathered at House 2 for a surprise baby shower for Nilda! Nearly every person as Casa de Amor donated money for gifts, and she received a lot of very cute but needed baby items!

We are so excited for what is about to come and can't wait to meet her babies… Not much longer now!

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