Saturday, November 15, 2014

Elena's Baby Shower

This morning, we had a baby shower for Elena, CDA's Volunteer Coordinator. She is due in January with twin girls, and we are so excited for her! Jennifer was a great hostess. We had lots of yummy food, played some fun games, and just enjoyed each other's company all while celebrating Elena!

Hope you enjoy these pictures of the festivities :)

Making the outside of Jenn's house festive

More balloons on the front door!

Danyelle and I attempted to make this banner/arch work, and I think we put in a good effort… even if it did look awful!

 Fruit with yogurt dip, blueberry muffins, cookies, sandwiches, veggies and dip… all so yummy!

 Socializing while waiting on the party to start!

 Getting to know each other

We began with snacktime ;)

I think Emily was asking me why I was taking her picture!

 The youngest guest :)

Sarah making a headband for the twins… This was such a cute idea!

Emily and Mauge making headbands

Carla didn't want a candid shot!

 Everyone always ends up near the snacks!

 Gift table

 Elena, our mommy-to-be!

 Sarah and Danyelle

 Rachel and Elena are just a couple weeks apart, but Elena is having two babies and Rachel is having one.

 Our first game! Everyone had to stick their hand in the diaper bag and without looking, guess an item that was inside.

 Twin #1's team went first

 What could it be?!

 Brianna searched for something "hard to guess"… She finally pulled out a pacific with the plastic cover on it and guessed correctly!

Now it's Clara's turn!

 The Name Game… Everyone had to make up first and middle names for the twins using the letters in Elena and her husband's full names. Some of the combinations were hilarious!

 Danyelle giving out prizes for Elena's favorite names and the silliest names. 

 Time to open presents!

Heather gave her this cute bath towel and some other fun bath items.

 Baby teething toys

 Looks like it's something good!

 Baby shampoo and wipes are definitely necessities!

What could it be?!

 A bit of an emotional moment!

 Reading the card on Patty's gift

 A cute bath set!

Dr. Aida gave Elena these matching blankets for the twins!

I thought the packaging on this was really cute :)


 These cute outfits were from Alice.

 Danyelle and I found these coordinating dresses for the girls and thought they were too cute!

Sarah gave Elena all sorts of tiny baby clothes! It was all wrapped up in this pretty knit blanket.

 The sweaters looked like doll clothes!

Carla, Clara, and Emily gave Elena a couple gifts. The first was this baby food maker.

 They also gave her these adorable outfits…

 and blankets!

 She looks pleased with whatever it is that's inside!

More diapers! You can never have too many of those :)

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

What great pictures! I love how you caught so many different expressions. Thanks for your help and for being our photographer!!