Friday, November 21, 2014

New Baby Home Staff Members

We've recently had an influx of new tías and tíos join the baby home, so I thought I'd introduce you to them!

V.: 1 year 9 months; Likes to say "hola" and "chau," Screams when new people enter the room, Enjoys singing and knows the motions to several songs

M.: 2 years 10 months; Friendly, Knows which items "belong" to which kids, Loves to tell you when he's used the potty

N: 2 years 3 months; LOUD, In love with Carmin, Likes to throw tantrums while waiting on her food to be served

S: 2 years 9 months; Smart, Miles (Booher) is his favorite person, Loves the phrase "No tía. No quiero." ("No tía. I don't want to.")

S: 2 or 3 years old; Newest arrival to Casa de Amor, Very well-mannered, Loves to be tickled

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