Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bolivian Dances

In Bolivia, the school year runs February-November. As classes are ending, students have many projects, exams, and presentations. This morning, our big kids all had to participate in a dance with their classes as part of a music exam. Parents were invited to watch, so we got to go along, as well! Each class performs a traditional dance of Bolivia, and as you can see in the photos, they must also wear the traditional clothing. They looked too cute and did a great job!

 B. is in 2nd grade and performed an African dance. I sat with her while watching the other classes dance.

B. and D. are both in 1st grade. Second from the left is B., and D. is on the far right.

 B. was really in to the dancing. It was funny to watch!

 D. wasn't as excited about it as B. seemed to be, but he was happy to see how many of us were there to watch him!

 B. isn't the smoothest dancer and kept stepping on the little girl's dress in his excitement of dancing with her… She didn't seem too bothered by it though!

 M. is in pre-school, and his class didn't perform but did come to watch. He's the cute little boy in the center who is waving to the camera!

 Now it's B.'s class's turn! 

 I wasn't taking pictures of this dance, as I didn't think any of our kids were performing in it. Right as it was ending, I saw E.! He's the little boy in the center in the orange shirt (third from left).

 A. and J. are both in 5th grade, and their class performed a traditional dance from Tarija, Bolivia.

 J. did a wonderful job! She had a big smile on her face the whole time she was dancing.

 K. isn't in school yet but tagged along to watch the dances with Tía Sarin.

 E. was allowed to come too!

While J. was all smiles, A. was much more serious. She was first in the line of the girls in her class and took her role as leader very seriously. You could tell how hard she was concentrating on her dancing!

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