Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pedestrian Day Weekend: Day 2

Another busy day with our kids... :)

E. knows that if he stands in the elevator doorway, it won't close while we're getting in. He really uses his muscles to hold it open!

 S. put the puzzle together all by herself!

 R. LOVES stuffed animals and takes this stuffed chicken ("pollito") with her every time we leave the house.

Danyelle watched our kids this morning while Sarah and I went to look at an apartment. When we arrived back, we made lunch for the kids at her house and then let them play outside for awhile. We realized that every time we take kids for the weekend, at least one meal is always grilled cheese sandwiches!

That's going to end well...

Her stuffed chicken was in my backpack so she found this chicken dog toy to play with instead.

 "Tía Hannah, why do I have to nap? I'm really not tired and I don't need to nap."

 These two know which building we live in when we're walking down the street!

Bath time before going to look at Christmas lights!

With it being summer right now in Cochabamba, it really doesn't feel like Christmas. We live within walking distance of the Prado, a street with upscale shops and restaurants, and it's always super decorated for Christmas. We took the kids last year to see the lights, and as they've recently decorated, we were excited to go again!

We must be getting close!

These giant snowmen were all down the Prado... We knew we had to get a picture with one of them!

A carriage instead of Santa's sleigh?

Our picture with Papá Noel!

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Rudi and Carla Booher said...

Gotta love, Papa Noel's PINK guitar!!! You guys are awesome babysitters.
Those kids look so happy with you!!! Thank you for making their lives so