Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meeting "their" classes!

There's a small, Christian school right down the street from Casa de Amor that is wanting to become more involved in the hogar (we'll thank Sarah for that as she's one of their kinder teachers!). Every Christmas, they do a fundraiser for a group in the community, and this year they chose CDA! Each class was given one of our older kids, and as a class, they are raising money to buy their child's school supplies. Isn't that a great idea?!

Well, most classes have reached their goal which is exciting! A few classes have requested that "their" child come meet their students. As our kids are already on summer break (this school is on the American calendar, so about to be out for 2 weeks for Christmas break), we've had lots of free time to take them by to visit. Today it was S. and B.'s turn! First grade is buying the supplies for S., and 3rd grade has B. First grade requested a visit from S., and B. asked if she could come too this morning, so I brought her along with us... Third grade was very excited when they heard she was there too! They have both been to this school before but they knew today's visit was different and both acted SO shy! On the walk over, B. told me over and over "I'm just so shy!" For those of you who know her, I think you'll agree with me when I told her that I'm not sure I've ever seen her shy! When we arrived, she saw a few kids she knows from Horita Feliz and a recent church camp she went to, so she calmed down and was happy to play with and talk to them. 

Although the visit was short, the girls really had a great time! While we walked around from class to class, I just imagined what it would be like for them to attend this school. It's so different than your typical Bolivian public school, and they'd have to learn English! I pray for the day they get to attend a school like this one... There are many more opportunities here, and I know they would do so well!

I wasn't able to take many pictures, but here are a couple! :)

All dressed up and ready to go!

 After 1st grade led chapel, the students and their parents met up for a snack. Our girls were invited to join them... It was a great chance for them to meet the 1st graders!

Every class has "their" child's picture on the door with a thermometer to show how the fundraising is going. The girls LOVED walking from class to class to see whose picture was on the door, and S. was thrilled to see her picture! She kept giggling and saying "That's me! This is my class!"

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