Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Program at Belen

This morning at church, we had our long-awaited Christmas program! Last night we went through all of our "Christmas colors" clothing to make sure everyone had something to wear, and they looked too, too cute this morning! 

Every Sunday School class had prepared something for the program, and the youngest class (our toddlers' class) went first. They did a play of the Nativity, and I can't even tell you just how cute it was! Practice was a bit crazy and our kids all had big breakdowns at least once, but today they did GREAT! They were happy and participated just like they were supposed too! I took far too many pictures as you'll see below. I've posted the video below... Not sure how well it'll work, but if not, here is the link to see it on youtube. It's all in Spanish, but I think we all know the story!

Then, Saret and Raquel's class sang three songs. Raquel stood on stage, looking lost for all but the last one. Saret knew the motions and words to the first two, but really got into the third one as well!

Then it was time for our 3 big girls' class! They really didn't want to participate and claimed that they hadn't practiced at all (I didn't believe them as they always come to church with us), and amazingly when it was their turn, all sang along to the song! Crazy how that happens!

After the program was over, every child was given a small gift and a huge bag of treats! As you can imagine, all of them had a great morning!

All dressed up for Christmas!

If they sit down for even a second before church starts, they're given bread and hot chocolate.

The youngest class getting ready to start the play!

E. was chosen to be the "star!"

As you can see, L. was the ONLY child who didn't give his heart to Jesus... Literally or figuratively? Who knows.

The angel chorus getting ready to sing! They were supposed to wear all white, but I wanted my girls to wear their Christmas dresses instead... We just brought theirs to wear over their outfits!

Big girls' class singing their song!

Did you enjoy your chocolate?

Sarah's mom sent Christmas sweaters for some of the boys! It was entirely too hot to wear them, but we put them on for some sibling pictures after church.

Not actually sisters, but just pretending today!

Oh the patterns! It makes me laugh!

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