Friday, December 4, 2015

Pedestrian Day Weekend: Day 1

This Sunday is Día del Peatón (Pedestrian Day), and all of our older children have gone off to a church camp for the whole weekend. We (volunteers) decided to take the younger big kids home with us for the weekend, and the babies may or may not have ended up leaving with the tías for the weekend... I'm not sure what was ever decided about that! 

I have 5 year old S. and 4 year old R... S. is an old pro at coming over to my house and has been quite the little know-it-all with R. who has never come before! It's been funny to watch them together so far! R. is the weirdest child you'll ever meet so she's kept all of us laughing. Sarah also has E. here for the weekend, so it'll be fun!

On our way to my house... S. kept saying "Tía Hannah's house is sooooo far away!"

Digging through our toy bucket

 R. has major eating issues at the hogar but ate her whole plate of food ALL BY HERSELF tonight! That's such an accomplishment for her! She even tried the peppers in her fajitas and liked them!

Watching a little Curious George's Christmas movie

We took the kids across the street to the guesthouse where Danyelle lives so they could play with Anahi (who is staying with Danyelle for the weekend).

S. found a flashlight at our house but we didn't have the right kind of batteries for it. Sarah gave her another one and she brought it to the park so she could lead the way!

When Danyelle and A. returned home, we all came back to our house. They ate dinner and we ate ice cream!

Midnight (more like 8pm!) snack

It's all fun and games with Tía Daniela until she whacks you upside the head with a pillow!

Sarah and I found out that as of December 21st, we'll be homeless... While I do have quite a few Christmas decorations, I don't see much of a point in decorating if we'll just be packing it up in a few weeks, but S. and I did put up these little Christmas lights my mom sent me!

 I bet you don't get a sleepover with a Frozen princess!

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