Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! ~ Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to all of you! This morning started off bright and early with a celebration for Matias and Omar's birthdays. Matias turned 4 years old on the 23rd, and today is Omar's 1st birthday! Amber and Kirsten stayed with the boys last night so they came over for a pancake and cake breakfast celebration this morning. I had big plans for "Santa pancakes" but when they didn't happen, we used the strawberries as cake decorations... The big girls were so excited to see the strawberries! It's definitely a treat they don't get often.

After breakfast was finished, we got everyone changed into their Christmas clothes for pictures! The girls were so tired of pictures but held it together pretty well as they knew they could open their stockings when pictures were over. The girls received stockings and the 3 oldest toddlers each received a gift. They didn't seem a bit bothered by the fact they didn't also get a stocking.

The tías cooked a very delicious "pollo al horno" lunch, and then I had planned on the big girls decorating Christmas cookies. It was so late by the time we finished eating though that it was nearly time for a second birthday celebration for Omar! A volunteer who comes during the week loves him a lot and asked if she could bring a cake for him this afternoon. We didn't have time for both, so I promised the girls I'd bring everything necessary for cookie decorating tomorrow! I guess that decorating Christmas cookies the day after Christmas can become our new tradition because if I remember correctly, we also did it on the 26th last year.

This post has a ton of pictures, but it's too hard to narrow them down!

 Birthday boy!

 The other birthday boy!

He wasn't sure what to do with all the attention!

 I'd say he enjoyed his breakfast!

 So did he!

Why can't we have pancakes and chocolate cake for breakfast every day?!

C. really liked the pancakes!

Not sure where S. learned to smile like that, but at least it's a smile!

Love these crazy sisters!

We love getting the babies dressed up for pictures!

All of the girls at House 1

Please ignore the shoes the girls have on in every picture to come... I definitely put silver sandals on her before the picture. Not sure when she changed into flip-flops!

Actually impossible to get a decent picture of these two!

 Time to see what is in their stockings!

 A penguin bath loofa!

Chocolate and then a toothbrush to brush away all that sugar!

 A new Barbie!

 A ball!

 Excited about their goodies!

These two LOVE Christmas!

Feliz Navidad from (almost) all of us to you!

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